New Balance 990

What we love about the New Balance 990? Its minimalist and retro design, its inimitable comfort and its “effortless” look which actually allows you to imagine elaborate outfits. On our online shop, the 990 is available in a thousand and one models and colors, for all lovers of iconic and emblematic pairs of sneakers.

The New Balance 990 or the story of a legendary model

United States, early 1980s. The New Balance 990 was born in a context of fierce competition between sports equipment manufacturers, who all had the noble ambition to create the pair of sneakers that the legends of the sports fields would all crave. In 1982, therefore, New Balance marketed the original 990 model which, with optimal comfort, great flexibility and quality design, succeeded in the ambitious challenge of making everyone agree. At the time, the New Balance 990s were among the most expensive pairs of the brand, which was justified by the choice of raw materials used for their design and their artisanal manufacture in an American workshop. On the East Coast and in New York especially, where they are rapidly gaining in popularity, the 990 OG is displayed at the feet of sportsmen and businessmen in suits and ties. Today, the New Balance 990 has unquestionably risen to the rank of collector's shoe. New Balance satisfies the most purists among us with fairly frequent reissues of this mythical model which counted Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, among its followers and which fulfills all the aesthetic criteria of the “dad shoe”. If the design of the 990 has evolved, their aura is still the same. A mix of suede and suede, the New Balance 990 comes with technical features that will convince the last undecided.

How to wear the New Balance 990?

Its sportswear DNA does not prevent the New Balance 990 from finding its place in our everyday casual and streetwear outfits. Its massive side harmonizes with oversized cuts, synonymous with comfort and relaxation. On the contrary, it creates an interesting contrast in combination with clothes with short and fitted cuts, such as shorts, skirts and dresses. Summer or winter, the New Balance 990 are the ideal pair of sneakers to create simple and effective looks or to bring a subtle touch of fantasy to a conventional style, depending on the model.

Our fine selection of New Balance 990 pairs for men and women

At Milk, the New Balance 990 is king. Adorned in several shades of gray, in a style reminiscent of the original 990 model, flashy colors or pastel shades, the New Balance 990 adapts to all tastes in our product catalog. From V1 to V5, released in 2019, the New Balance 990 reveals the evolution of its design through our online shop, with a sole that thickens over the reissues and more and more aesthetic details and worked, to the delight of collectors of New Balance pairs.