Adidas Skateboarding
The so-called “three-stripe brand” now occupies a prominent place in skate culture. Thanks to a range entirely dedicated to skateboarding as a sports discipline and culture to which it belongs, Adidas Skateboarding, Adidas confirms its versatility and capacity for innovation. On our online shop, pairs of Adidas Skateboarding sneakers, clothing and accessories come together to allow you to compose outfits halfway between sportswear and streetwear.

Adidas Skateboarding: the quality of Adidas parts for the comfort and style of boardsport enthusiasts

An unbreakable bond unites Adidas to sport. Since 1949, the year it was founded by the entrepreneur Adolf Dassler, the firm of German origin has specialized in the manufacture of sporting goods, between sneakers, clothing and accessories intended to improve the performance of sportsmen and women in the world. whole world. Even before giving birth to its Adidas Skateboarding range in 2006, Adidas was already one of the favorite brands of skateboarders. With Adidas Skateboarding, this is an opportunity for the sports equipment manufacturer to prove its legitimacy in the field of board sports, where Nike, its main competitor, has already been comfortably installed since 2002 with its brand. Nike Skateboarding (SB). Adidas sees things big, so much so that “Adidas Skateboarding - The Obstacle” was launched in Paris in 2012, an event centered on skateboarding, art and music and bringing together pro skaters Mark Gonzales, Lucas Puig and more. and Benny Fairfax. Even more impactful, the “Das Days” organized by Adidas Skateboarding in 2018 take the form of a world tour on the theme of skateboarding. Los Angeles, New York, São Paulo, Paris, Shanghai: the event celebrates skateboarding in the four corners of the planet. Adidas Skateboarding has finally convinced the last skeptics. Behind the success of the range, there is not only the global reputation of Adidas: there is also the pride of seeing skateboarding acquire real recognition, like the many media sports.

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Adidas Skateboarding equips skaters with cutting-edge pieces that combine comfort and design. Our selection reflects the strong potential of Adidas Skateboarding as a sportswear and urban fashion brand, with references that are worn with ease and confidence on the asphalt. At Milk, the Adidas Skateboarding shoes come in trainer and slide styles to wear before, during or after a boarding session. Faithful to the DNA of classic Adidas pairs, Adidas Skateboarding shoes offer skaters the possibility of asserting their style effortlessly and without compromising on their comfort, with bright colors and worked curves. At the same time, Adidas Skateboarding also designs printed t-shirts and sweatshirts, ultra-comfortable shorts and pants, and uniquely styled beanies. These pieces complete our fine selection of Adidas Skateboarding products, to the delight of skate enthusiasts and Adidas fans looking for lesser-known pieces that are as qualitative as a pair of Stan Smiths.