Sold in around 90 countries around the world, Birkenstock shoes appear on the feet of all comfort lovers without exception. At Milk, they are available in numerous models of sandals, mules and iconic clogs, enough to walk with your mind and light feet every day. Discover now our fine selection of Birkenstock, shoes that are as minimalist as they are essential.

Birkenstock, German shoes guaranteed to never go out of fashion

Birkenstock shoes are synonymous with heritage and tradition. The history of the brand dates back to 1774, with Johann Adam Birkenstock. In 1896, it was Konrad Birkenstock who, as a master shoemaker, began manufacturing and selling flexible footbeds, a small revolution in comfort. We owe the famous “Madrid” shoes to Karl Birkenstock in the 1960s. These now iconic sandals are characterized by a footbed that is both deep and flexible, which justifies both their comfort and their longevity. Even today, the “Madrid” sandals brilliantly reflect the unique DNA of the German brand, which always favors excellent quality manufacturing materials. A minimalist design, an innovative design and timeless colors have made Birkenstock shoes successful over time. As a bonus, the company founded in Germany is increasingly focusing on the eco-responsibility of its products, in order to adapt to the values and needs of consumers of today and tomorrow. Adopting a pair of Birkenstocks means choosing high quality shoes for smooth movement in all circumstances. Thanks to Milk, you can also enjoy walking in the city or by the sea, without ever compromising on your style.

Have a trendy summer with Birkenstock shoes selected by Milk

Birkenstock shoes reveal their strong aesthetic potential through our e-shop. On the one hand, sandals and mules are available in single or double strap versions. Decorated with metal buckles or Velcro straps, depending on the references, the Birkenstock sandals in our product catalog adapt to a large number of clothing styles, including those of streetwear fashion fans. Plain or with subtly colored patterns, between camo effect and color block inspiration, they easily conform to all tastes and trends. On the other hand, Birkenstock clogs are among the lightest and most comfortable closed shoes on the market. They can be worn not only when the warm weather returns, but also all year round for models with a warm furry interior. Cork, rubber, leather, lambskin: all pairs of Birkenstocks demonstrate foolproof durability thanks to careful and thoughtful manufacturing. These beautiful materials and their combination also play a key role in the design of Birkenstock shoes. Accompanied by shorts or a skirt, these will allow you to be perfectly comfortable and experience adventures with complete peace of mind. Come and discover the comfort and style of Birkenstock shoes in our stores located in Nantes and La Baule.