Men's sneakers

Men's sneakers have been making a comeback in fashion for several decades. If since the 1970s only athletes have worshiped them, today they are no longer reserved for them. Treat yourself and adopt a casual city look or chic, contemporary or retro sportswear look with men's sneakers. To our greatest pleasure, manufacturers are reinventing sneakers and offering them in all shapes and colors. Thus, Milk Store offers you a very nice range of men's sneakers: we have selected essential brands and models but we also wanted to give pride of place to originality and singularity by opting for sneakers that you won't come across on every street corner.

Why wear men's sneakers?

men's sneakers are now a must-have in men's fashion. Sneakers are now worn just as well for going to work as for going on the weekend. They go well with all styles of clothing, even with a suit for a chic and casual style. Men's sneakers are ultra comfortable shoes. Go for miles during the day or walk without running the risk of blisters appearing. In addition, men's sneakers offer very good ventilation, ideal in summer to replace winter city shoes. In addition, men's sneakers remain practical shoes. Not only are they easy to put on and take off, but they are much easier to maintain than a pair of moccasins or derbies. A little mild soap on a cloth or glove and that's it. It is even possible to put some models in the washing machine.

Which pairs of men's sneakers to choose for a trendy look?

Adopt a trendy style with sneakers on your feet. Whatever look you wear, city, sporty, streetwear, stay casual and elegant. Of course, there are timeless, even iconic, pairs of men's sneakers that will give you incomparable style: Converse, Stan Smith, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Vans and many others who have become footwear monuments. Also let yourself be tempted by brands like Hoka, DC Shoes, Karhu and Veja. Enjoy the instantly recognizable look of pairs of sneakers from the Converse brand. In canvas of different colors, let yourself be tempted by the many variations that are always just as colorful as possible. High-top, wear them in summer with shorts for a relaxed city look. Low sneakers can be worn in a thousand and one ways. Pair them with slightly rolled-up pants to leave your ankle visible. To go to work while being comfortable in your sneakers, don't forget your pair of city shoes. White in color, you will combine them with all your clothes without the slightest difficulty. So, for work or to attend receptions, always opt for a casual, but refined style. You can even opt for original models that we have specially selected as well as more confidential brands that go beyond the classics that we are used to coming across. Finally, for a sportswear look, don’t hesitate to choose sportier models and opt for colorful socks!