Milk is located at the heart of street wear culture. This culture took root in the United States in the 1980s, notably thanks to skateboarders who sought more comfort to perform tricks and move around in an urban environment, to surf the asphalt. The skateboard is a symbol of this movement. Colorful, it often leaves room for the expression of quality designers in an often trashy — or fresh — cartoon style or in more elaborate and graphic designs. Any self-respecting skateboarder chooses his board both for the brand and the design. Milk offers classic, old school skateboards and cruisers for skateboarders eager for tricks or for sliding enthusiasts. Here is a great selection of quality skateboard deck brands such as Palace Skateboards, Glue Skateboards, Tired Skateboards, Milk and many more for sessions until dark!

Which skateboard should you choose to start with?

When you start skateboarding, perhaps it is wise to think about buying a board that will adapt to all skateboarding practices in order to be able to define your affinities with the different practices. As a general rule, a wide skateboard will be more stable and will allow you to get your bearings while moving forward calmly. Likewise, this type of board will be ideal for your first tricks: it will be easier to catch up after an ollie or after your first flip! In terms of strength, it is wise to opt for a good quality board. Milk offers you a wide range of very well-made brands such as Palace Skateboards, Pop trading company and Krooked Skateboards. If you are more old school, we advise you to get started directly with the selection that Milk offers. These skateboards with a refined shape on the back nose are reminiscent of a surfboard shape. The Tired Skateboards and Polar Skate brands have fresh, home-made designs. Finally, if you like original — original — shapes, Powell Peralta and Santa Cruz are quality brands that will take you back to the 70s with their unique style.

Skateboard: the different types

Skateboarding was developed by frustrated surfers to compensate for bad seas. They decided to surf the city by adding wheels to mini surfboards. From this experience, the skateboard changed shape over time, over the years and the new challenges, new desires, that skateboarders gave themselves. Today, street skating is taking center stage. This is the very definition of freedom. Skateboarders propel themselves through the streets or skateparks, jumping obstacles of all types. The street board is the classic board with two equal noses on each side. If you like to ride, the cruiser is the ideal skateboard. Its soft wheels, its fairly thin trucks and its compact appearance will allow you to go over all surfaces. Milk offers a selection of skateboards, all more stylish and solid than the others to give you the best sliding sensations and the best tricks.