New Balance
A clever mix of style, comfort and quality, New Balance sneakers and clothing put their sporty look at the service of our daily style. Between relaxation and carefully studied design, the New Balance references available on our online shop have all the potential to become essential pieces in your wardrobe.

New Balance, a dual sportswear and streetwear identity proclaimed loud and clear

Originally, New Balance was first and foremost a range of orthopedic insoles. It was not until the very end of the 1930s, when the Boston brand was founded in 1906 by a shoemaker named William J. Riley, that the first pair of New Balance sneakers saw the light of day. In 1961, it was the New Balance Trackster, the first real running shoe, which made New Balance a pioneer in the world of running. Running, baseball, tennis, boxing: each sports discipline has its own pair of trainers with New Balance, which adjusts the technical characteristics of its shoes to each sport. In 1978, New Balance launched its first textile collection and gradually reached a wider target than just athletes. In the midst of the emergence of streetwear fashion, in the heart of the 1980s, New Balance sneakers naturally found their place in the streets of major urban centers. Today, New Balance is one of the coolest brands in the streetwear market. It manages to stand out from its competitors by means of a solid visual identity, starting with the famous “N” logo affixed to all New Balance sneakers, and real creativity. Each pair, like each New Balance garment, incorporates the brand's characteristic aesthetic codes and at the same time bears witness to the innovative capacity of its creative teams. If New Balance shoes are now displayed on the feet of athletes and streetwear enthusiasts alike, it is partly thanks to collaborations that have enabled the brand to assert its fashion identity. In particular, the iconic 550 modernized in 2020 by designer and creator of the Aimé Léon Dore label Teddy Santis proves New Balance's ability to reinvent itself by adapting its classics to changing styles and consumption patterns.

Discover our collection of New Balance sneakers and clothing for all your sporty and urban looks

Sneakers, joggers, sweatshirts, t-shirts: create a complete outfit with New Balance pieces from our product catalog. At Milk, the pairs of sneakers from the Bostonian brand, above all, are put forward. Creating sneakers with a minimalist and harmonious design is what New Balance knows how to do best. 327, 550, 990, 991, 2002, etc. : discover pairs with various silhouettes and complete your collection of New Balance pairs, to wear in summer and winter. Between retro allure and avant-garde style, New Balance sneakers and clothing adapt to all tastes and all circumstances, from the running session to the afternoon in the city. On our site, shop now for pairs that may be collector's items in a few years!