In the family of European brands affiliated with skate culture, Pop Trading Company certainly plays the role of the little sister. Since 2016, it is with the ambition of the greatest that it has nevertheless made a place of choice among skaters looking for clothing that is both comfortable, stylish and worthy of their own uniqueness. Thanks to Milk, you too can succumb to the cutting-edge design of Pop Trading Company creations.

Pop Trading Company raises the standards of adult skatewear

Like its predecessor Patta, founded in 2004 and widely considered a must-have brand for many skaters and other streetwear enthusiasts across Europe and the world, Pop Trading Company was born in Amsterdam. It owes its creation to Peter Kolks and Ric van Rest, two skate enthusiasts who took on the challenge of launching a men's collection for fall-winter 2016. Reserved for adult skaters, Pop Trading Company clothing was born in a context where fashion and skateboarding now go hand in hand. Since the 1990s, when we saw the advent of skate culture in the United States and beyond, many skateboarders have taken their skiing style more and more seriously. According to Peter Kolks, one of the two founders of the Pop Trading Company brand, it is in particular the launch of Nike SB, the skateboard range of the American giant created in 2002, which allows other specialized stores to emerge and quickly gain popularity. If the Pop Trading Company label entered the skatewear market by also distributing pieces from brands such as Palace, it then focused on producing its own line of clothing and accessories. Synonymous with aesthetics, quality and durability, Pop Trading Company creations break free from the codes of low-end streetwear to better reinvent contemporary adult skatewear.

Find gems from Pop Trading Company through our e-shop

T-shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, bucket hats, caps, watches, bandanas: the Pop Trading Company clothing and accessories selected by Milk brilliantly reflect the fashion identity of the Dutch label. Sometimes minimalist, often colorful and never anachronistic, Pop Trading Company pieces clearly have nothing to envy of those of well-known and recognized brands on the skate scene. Summer and winter, they are worn with ease and confidence on a board as if for the simple pleasure of showing off with resolutely innovative clothing that has all the potential to become iconic over time. At the same time, Pop Trading Company also designs boards and other accessories essential for skateboarding in the best conditions. The label collaborates in particular with Dutch artists to design unique and highly creative products, in total harmony with the tastes and desires of skaters of today and tomorrow. Also discover the originality of our Pop Trading Company collection in our physical stores in Nantes and La Baule. Taking care of your everyday style has never been easier than with Milk and its fine skatewear selection.