Men's skateboard shoes

Milk Store is the dream store for every skate enthusiast. Come dress from head to toe for the perfect skater look. And what's better for riding than suitable shoes? In fact, these constitute the central element of your clothing. In addition to their casual style, they should provide good ankle support as well as excellent grip on your board, especially in wet weather. Among the many models we offer, choose the men's skate shoes that will be made for you. And to be even more trendy, match your men's skate shoes with our pairs of socks which will perfectly complete your outfit.

What are the different types of men's skate shoes?

In the world of skateboarding, the pair of shoes occupies a special place. men's skate shoes come in three main types that will bring you style and comfort. Discover the high-top shoe. It stands out from the crowd because it rises on the ankle when the others arrive at the level of the external malleolus. The advantage of the high-top shoe is the stability it provides to your ankle. You will be less likely to sprain yourself with this model. Opt for example for the pair of Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid-Black University Gold. Then there is the mid-top type. The latter stops at the malleolus. You will gain stability and comfort thanks to its padding. This model is often a good compromise between the high-top and the low-top. Finally, the low-top goes down under the malleolus. This pair of men's skate shoes is the best known. The New Balance Numeric pair is a classic of the genre. It will give you a lot of lightness and great grip on your skateboard. Wear this model when the summer comes.

How to choose your skate shoes?

To choose your men's skate shoes, ask yourself what style of practice you will have. Either way, the main thing will be to feel good in your sneakers. Your feelings should not slow you down, quite the contrary! For greater safety, take your measurements and do not hesitate to choose a half size larger. For winter activity, turn to a high-top model with an ultra-grippy, stable and flexible outsole. Conversely, in summer, choose a low-top model. Make sure that the seams located in the most vulnerable areas are well reinforced. Choose a seamless toe cap like on the very nice Adidas Skateboarding Busenitz Vulc pair.

What are the best brands of skate shoes?

The best brands of men's skate shoes have been known and recognized for decades for their extreme quality and timeless look. Among the best brands, the famous pairs of Vans are always popular. Their aesthetic goes perfectly with as many outfits as possible. Adidas, DC, Nike and New Balance also remain essential among skate shoes.