Tired Skateboards
The best clothing and accessories for skateboarding can be found on our site. Original, modern and visually impactful, the Tired Skateboards pieces selected by our team brilliantly combine the love of art and the love of skateboarding. With Milk, skate and dress in the colors of Tired Skateboards every day. Guaranteed 100% unique and qualitative, the label's creations offer you the opportunity to effortlessly assert your personality and your uniqueness.

Tired Skateboards, the fun side of skateboarding

The Tired Skateboards brand is the project of Californian skateboarder Brad Staba and Dutch graphic designer and illustrator Pieter Janssen, better known under the artist name Piet Parra. Founded in 2014, the label designs skateboards and a whole range of skatewear strongly influenced by the aesthetic codes of skate culture and urban fashion. Piet Parra's artistic touch is also brilliantly reflected through the Tired Skateboards creations, between sophisticated logos and illustrations with a singular style. Resolutely graphic, Tired Skateboards skate boards and clothing meet all the expectations of contemporary skaters. Particularly renowned for his collaborations with Nike SB, the brand entirely dedicated to the practice of skateboarding launched by the giant with the comma, Piet Parra really gives free rein to his creativity within Tired Skateboards. The result is products with a claimed cool spirit. Advocating the entertaining aspect of skateboarding, Tired Skateboards also creates while having fun. Designed in limited series, the label's clothing and accessories can be collected without moderation, enough to adopt an extraordinary style on your board. The label's most emblematic designs can be found on different products, from boards to t-shirts, to combine or separate as you wish.

Invite Tired Skateboards gems into your wardrobe with Milk

Find a fine selection of Tired Skateboards parts through our e-shop with a thousand and one exceptional references. Start by choosing your future dream board from the colorful models available at Milk. Sold with a free grip plate, the boards of this highly creative brand have everything to convince skate enthusiasts and graphic design enthusiasts alike. Also focus on ultra comfortable and stylish clothing for everyday life. Relaxation is key with Tired Skateboards t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and jackets from our catalog. Their patterns and colors ideally complement a sophisticated streetwear outfit. Finally, discover many Tired Skateboards accessories online and in store. Cap, bucket hat, bag, key ring, water bottle, lighter: leave home well equipped with these creations that are as practical as they are aesthetic. The label even invites itself into your interior, with mugs, glasses, stickers, cushions and towels in perfect harmony with the Tired Skateboards DNA. Between sport, styling and decoration, our Tired Skateboards collection reveals the diversity and versatility specific to this brand which has all the assets to play in the big leagues.