More than just lifestyle products with a sophisticated aesthetic, Marshall speakers, headphones and earphones are also unanimously acclaimed for the quality of the sound they produce. With Milk, let yourself be convinced by the excellence of the products of the British brand specializing in electric guitar amplifiers. With Marshall, enjoy exceptional sound experiences in all circumstances.

Enjoy crystal clear sound with Marshall sound accessories

Since 1962, Marshall has been meeting the needs and demands of rock bands looking for a powerful, deep sound. Founded by Jim Marshall, drum teacher and music store owner, the company has now reached a wider audience, starting with everyone for whom it is essential to have music in their ears every day. If Marshall amplifiers managed to attract music legends like guitarist Jimi Hendrix, who even became its main ambassador in the 1960s-1970s, the speakers, headphones and earphones from the London brand are essential today. as the privileged partners of music fans. No longer just affiliated with rock'n'roll culture, Marshall products also honor rap, pop, jazz, EDM and even dubstep. With Marshall, artists and their fans can count on high-quality sound. 100% nomadic and compatible with Bluetooth technology, its latest generation speakers adapt to new modes of music consumption, which can be listened to both in private and in large groups. For the general public, speakers, headphones and earphones are not only derivative products of a brand recognized for the prestige of its amplifiers: they also embody the unifying dimension of music through impeccable sound and retro design. with timeless charm.

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Marshall is in the spotlight at Milk. Discover the speakers, headphones and earphones selected by our team to offer you an immersive audio experience every time you listen to your favorite playlists, albums and tracks. Alone or combined together, these high-end sound accessories will revolutionize the way you consume music at home, on the street or in the evening. At Marshall, speakers are available in various formats. Then opt for the “Acton III Speaker” reference or the “Stanmore III Speaker” model if you are looking for a reliable home speaker. For a high-performance outdoor speaker, opt for the “Emberton II Speaker” and its 30 hours of battery life or even the mini “Willen Speaker” and its 15 hours of playback. Black, cream or brown in color, your Marshall speaker will be a decorative object in its own right in your bedroom or living room, enough to satisfy the most demanding in terms of lifestyle products. As for headphones and earphones, Marshall also offers premium items with optimal technical characteristics. With more than 80 hours of wireless playback, the “Major IV Headphones” combine, for example, autonomy and ergonomics. As for the “Minor III Headphones”, wireless headphones in sophisticated colors, they promise you incomparable sound quality and freedom of movement, to the delight of nomads and other adventurers. ​