Symbols of class and elegance, Paraboot shoes stand out as excellent alternatives to sneakers in contemporary male wardrobes. With Milk, bet on a pair signed Paraboot to accessorize your formal outfits or perfect your casual looks, through a fine selection of ultra-design leather derbies to wear day and night.

Paraboot, high-end footwear since 1908

It was in the heart of the French Alps that Paraboot hand-sewn shoes were born at the beginning of the 20th century. Rémy-Alexis Richard, founder of the brand, quickly made rubber the DNA of his pairs of shoes. A trip to the United States made him discover the rubber boots worn by a large number of Americans and thus inspired him to create 100% waterproof boots and ankle boots, thanks to their inner latex sheets. Rémy-Alexis Richard then uses rubber to design the soles of leather Paraboot shoes, replacing traditional wooden or leather soles. It is in this context that the name of the brand is officially registered, a mixture of “Para”, a port of Amazonia, where the latex or rubber comes from, and “boot”, the shoe of inspiration American which exalts the innovative and creative ideas of Rémy-Alexis Richard. With its high quality footwear, Paraboot has targeted a diverse clientele throughout its history. In the 1970s, for example, the French brand imagined technical shoes for lovers of extreme sports, skiing, skydiving, motorcycling, etc. No matter the circumstances, Paraboot shoes promise comfort, support and stability to all their owners. A decade later, Paraboot took an interest in its Italian competitors and began to invest in more efficient equipment. The iconic “Michael” derby, a minimalist and sophisticated men's style with leather uppers and chunky soles, is helping Paraboot gain popularity among style- and appearance-conscious urbanites. Since then, the brand has collaborated with the same Italian tanneries to offer pairs of shoes of consistent quality over time. Now aimed at an urban audience in search of refined clothing, shoes and accessories, Paraboot offers its signature pair in a variety of worked and regularly revamped models, for men with an asserted dandy style as well as for those who like to play with them. the codes of contemporary fashion.

Ease and confidence in everyday life with the Paraboot shoes selected by Milk

The “Michael” derby is in the spotlight on our site. This iconic Paraboot shoe relies on different patterns and colors, depending on the references, to appeal to the greatest number of modern men. The Paraboot x Hélas Caps collaboration, for example, invites suede and the logo of the famous streetwear brand on the Paraboot shoe, while the models from the “Poils Vache” collection come with an authentically charming cow hair upper. Available in several shades of black, brown and dark green, most of the Paraboot pairs available at Milk are defined by a racy minimalism. Fine laces and studs along the sole complete the silhouette of the Paraboot derbies, for a result that looks great. Also come and discover the old school harmony of Paraboot shoes in our stores in Nantes and La Baule and let yourself be convinced by one of the pairs of exceptional derbies put forward by our team.