Nike SB
Nike Skateboarding, or Nike SB by its nickname, are pairs of sneakers, clothing and accessories specially developed for experienced or budding skaters. A true love story links Milk to skate culture, hence our selection of sharp pieces signed Nike SB for skate enthusiasts and fans of the Nike universe as a whole.

Nike SB: Nike's little sister and a leading brand on the skate scene

Victim of a false start, the Nike SB brand is now one of the major players in skate culture. Let's first set the context. Nike emerged in 1968 in the United States and specialized in the manufacture of sporting goods for all disciplines. In 2002, Nike SB was born and focused exclusively on designing equipment for skateboarding. A few years back, Nike already produces skate shoes. However, strong competition prevents it from standing out in this area, in which brands like Vans and DC Shoes are already imposing their vision. Several failures thus precede the success of Nike SB. The context was much more favorable in the early 2000s, at a time when the practice of skateboarding was gaining in popularity, in connection with the advent of streetwear. Also born in the streets, skate culture celebrates both comfort and style when it comes to clothing. Nike SB manages with accuracy to offer eminently comfortable and designer pieces. Our selection reflects the high potential of the brand's products as sporting goods and fashion accessories.

Find Nike SB pieces with strong fashion DNA on our online shop

Low-top and high-top sneakers, oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts, jackets, cargo pants, shorts, bucket hats, caps, sports socks, bags: Nike SB offers skaters everything they need to compose a total streetwear look punctuated with commas. The eclecticism of the Nike SB catalog is transcribed through our fine selection, which consists of a large number of casual-looking pieces for riding or pacing the city without sacrificing style or freedom of movement. Pairs of Dunk High or Low and Zoom Blazer Mid or Low obviously have their place in our catalog. Iconic models at Nike, these sneakers have been revisited to meet the support and comfort needs of skaters. On our site, they rub shoulders with pairs of Force 58, BRSB or even Ishod Premium, special skate shoes whose quality and design are a credit to Nike. Similarly, the Nike SB clothing and accessories selected by our team prove that Nike perfectly masters the aesthetic codes of the skate scene. With the Swoosh logo in XXL version, unique graphics and fresh and original colors, Nike SB pieces naturally find their place in many male and female streetwear-oriented wardrobes. All you have to do is put on a Nike SB piece to affirm your affiliation or your desire to belong to skate culture. Summer and winter, the brand's sneakers, clothes and accessories guarantee our drip in the heart of the city.