Asics Sportstyle
A healthy mind in a healthy body, that's what the Japanese brand Asics claims (from the Latin phrase "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano"). With a pair of Asics trainers on your feet, it's the perfect opportunity to push your physical limits or simply move fluidly around the city. Discover our collection of Asics sneakers, made up of the best references from the sports equipment manufacturer, and bet on the pair that will accompany you in all your daily adventures.

The Asics basketball or the meeting between a sporty look and an urban design

For Asics, it all started in 1949 in Kobe, Japan. Kihachiro Onitsuka then manufactured basketball shoes in his living room under the company name Onitsuka Co. In 1977, Onitsuka Co. became Asics when the brand's sneakers crossed borders to enter the American continent. Behind the Asics basketball shoes hides a true philosophy, which consists in particular in promoting a healthy lifestyle. For example, we owe Asics the GEL™ technology, created in 1986, which gave birth to many sneaker models. Closely linked to the notion of sports performance, this flagship innovation of the Japanese brand aims to reduce impacts, improve shock absorption and guarantee optimal comfort for athletes in general and runners in particular. As one of the most influential sports brands in the world today, Asics also succeeds in targeting city dwellers in search of style and comfort. Running, walking, strolling: the Asics trainer stands out as the privileged partner of all our movements, on the asphalt as on the athletics track. Very graphic, with its side lines that cross and meet, it effortlessly complements both casual outfits and carefully crafted looks.

Find your future pair of Asics sneakers thanks to the Milk selection

At Milk, Asics sneakers are available in a wide variety of references, to the delight of Asics collectors and fans of half-sportswear, half-streetwear pairs. Our selection also proves the many facets of the Asics basketball. Sober or ultra-colourful, it finds its place perfectly in contemporary feminine and masculine wardrobes. On the one hand, models like the Asics Gel-NYC sneaker come in two to three neutral colours, from white to black and various shades of grey, for outfits synonymous with simplicity and efficiency. On the other hand, various collaborations allow Asics to affirm its capacity for innovation from a stylistic point of view. In color gradient or color block mode, the Asics x Kiko Kostadinov sneakers, for example, brighten up even the most minimalist outfits. The Asics trainer also plays with contrasts by combining classic tones and flashy colors like through the Gel-Venture or the Gel-Nimbus 9, enough to find what you're looking for, whatever your preferences. Your future favorite Asics sneakers are waiting for you in our online shop. Also find some pairs of Asics in our physical stores in Nantes and La Baule, to come and try and adopt now.