New Balance Numeric
In the New Balance family, the New Balance Numeric are displayed on the feet of board sports lovers. Whether low or high, they guarantee freedom of movement for athletes and perfectly meet the aesthetic codes of classic skate shoes. Thanks to Milk, find your new favorite pair among our NB Numeric references in a thousand and one colors.

The New Balance Numeric, an experienced shoe for passionate skaters

New Balance is more than a century of designing sports shoes and sneakers for beginners and experienced athletes as well as fans of streetwear fashion. However, it was not until 2013 that New Balance chose to address itself exclusively to skateboarders, through a range of sneakers entirely dedicated to the practice of skateboarding. This date thus formalizes the birth of the New Balance Numeric. In fact, the New Balance Numeric collection is the result of a partnership between the sports equipment manufacturer and Black Box Distribution, the company of American professional skateboarder Jamie Thomas. Several pairs of New Balance Numeric have then emerged over the years, with the aim of fitting all skaters during and outside their sliding sessions. When the American giant markets the first New Balance Numeric, it is clearly aware that it is entering a highly competitive market. Before him, Nike launched its Nike Skateboarding brand, better known as Nike SB, in 2002, and many brands specializing in the world of skateboarding appeared in the 2000s, which marked the heyday of skateboarding. skate culture and streetwear. New Balance therefore puts all its creativity and capacity for innovation at the service of the creation of NB Numeric. Combining modern technology and retro design, the New Balance Numeric is characterized in short by an excellent all-rounder. If they promise comfort, support and stability to skaters, they also allow simple fans of skate culture to adopt sneakers in perfect harmony with their style and personality.

Find your future pair of New Balance Numeric through our e-shop

At Milk, the New Balance Numeric comes in different low-top and high-top sneaker models to suit individual needs and preferences. Some models are distinguished by ultra-sophisticated technical and aesthetic details, like the NB Numeric Tiago designed in collaboration with Brazilian professional skateboarder Tiago Lemos. Two-tone or even multicolored, the pairs of New Balance Numeric featured on our site clearly pay homage to the aesthetics of the 1980s. Some NB Numeric even sport a colored sole, proof that this range of sneakers is also seen as the ally of collectors of stylish sneakers and not just as the privileged partner of board addicts. Choose a pair of New Balance Numeric for all your urban trips through our vast catalog of products. NB Numeric are also available in our physical stores in Nantes and La Baule. Come and discover their vintage-inspired shapes and colors, for truly unique everyday looks.