With its carefully designed clothing and accessories, Stüssy has established itself as one of the representatives of Californian streetwear fashion on the French asphalt. Discover a fine selection of Stüssy pieces on our online store and in our physical stores.

Stüssy: reference in the world of streetwear fashion

Shawn Stussy is the creative mind behind the Californian brand Stüssy, founded in the 1980s. Originally, Shawn Stussy made custom surfboards with innovative shapes and colorful graphics. He promotes his surfboards by wearing a t-shirt with a flocked logo: the iconic Stüssy logo, recognizable among all and now displayed daily on our caps, beanies, t-shirts, sweatshirts and socks. From there was born the Stüssy brand, gradually emancipating itself from the surf scene to prove itself on the skate scene, then on the hip-hop scene once installed in New York. Shawn Stussy teamed up with a man named Frank Sinatra Jr. In the 1990s, it was the collaboration with Jeff Jebbia that allowed Stüssy to really develop and open several stores on American soil, even if Jeff Jebbia left the Stüssy INC label. in 1994 to found the famous brand Supreme. Stüssy has notably made itself known to the general public thanks to impactful collaborations. In 1997, Casio joined forces with the brand for the launch of its G-Shock watch. In 2000, Nike and Stüssy worked hand in hand to create two new versions of the iconic Nike Air Huarache Le. In 2001, Nike offered the Californian brand the opportunity to imagine a pair of Dunk High. In short, Stüssy streetwear clothing and accessories assert their legitimacy. With its new visual identity, inspired in particular by the Chanel logo, Stüssy remains faithful to its roots while asserting its positioning as a creative label. From now on, the Stüssy collections mix old and new logo to appeal to purists as well as novices in terms of streetwear fashion.

American-style streetwear with Stüssy on our online store

Milk selects the most cutting-edge brands and references to offer you only the best in streetwear. The creativity of Stüssy therefore has its place on our online store and in our physical stores, through pieces that are both qualitative and stylish. Stüssy is distinguished by fairly minimalist but visually striking designs. Embroidered, printed, in neutral or more flashy tones, the Californian label's clothing and accessories attract all eyes. The Stüssy garment is then worn with confidence and casualness. Born from various influences, from Californian beaches to New York buildings, it is likely to appeal to all streetwear enthusiasts. Thanks to Milk, create a complete Stüssy outfit, from socks to hat, and even take care of the style of your interior with everyday objects signed Stüssy, such as the mug and the air purifier. Not limiting its creativity to the field of fashion, the Stüssy brand sees itself as a philosophy of life, designed by cool people for cool people. En savoir plus sur ce texte sourceVous devez indiquer le texte source pour obtenir des informations supplémentaires Envoyer des commentaires Panneaux latéraux