Flower Mountain
More than a brand with a poetic name, Flower Mountain predicts the streetwear trends of tomorrow with its avant-garde pairs. In any case, it’s time for color and patterns with the Flower Mountain sneakers highlighted by our team. Discover our Flower Mountain collection and let yourself be charmed by these shoes with their perfectly mastered design, from the colorful upper to the geometric sole.

Flower Mountain, Sino-Japanese sneakers with unparalleled DNA

Two men are hiding behind Flower Mountain. One, Keisuke Ota, is Japanese. The other, Yang Chao, is Chinese. Their common points are their passions, between music, shoes and trekking. Creating a sneaker brand was an obvious choice for these enthusiasts with boundless imagination and creativity. The first Flower Mountain pairs were released in 2015. Initially, however, the brand took the form of a mountaineering association called Dandelion, before becoming the Breath Design co. Ltd Tokyo. If Flower Mountain is today among the favorite brands of the finest sneaker connoisseurs, it is also because its two founders knew how to create reliable and lasting partnerships. The Beijing company ShoesBar and the Italian company Falc notably played their role in the emergence of Flower Mountain as an actor to watch on the Asian streetwear scene. Flower Mountain can therefore claim Chinese and Japanese technological innovation capacity, as well as Italian technical know-how since the brand's Made in Asia sneakers are partly designed in Italy. They are defined in all cases by an innovative design and technical characteristics adapted to mountain hiking, enough to convince fans of urban fashion as well as winter sports enthusiasts.

Shop a colorful Flower Mountain pair through the Milk catalog

The most beautiful pairs signed Flower Mountain are available at Milk. Take a look at our e-shop or go directly to the store in Nantes or La Baule to choose your future favorite sneakers in the best conditions. Find for example the Flower Mountain Back Country Uni, Iwano Uni and Yamano 3 among the references in our store. Made from suede and/or nylon, these sneakers promise comfort and lightness in all circumstances, for exploring the city or visiting forests and peaks. Choose the ideal model according to your lifestyle and your clothing style, in particular by choosing a pair of Iwano Uni for your sporting adventures or a pair of Yamano 3 Uni for your city trips. Good news: Flower Mountain shoes are versatile and inspired by outdoor activities. Break the rules by wearing a rainbow pair in the mountains and a camo-inspired pair on the asphalt. Women's models also complete our collection of Flower Mountain sneakers, to the delight of streetwear and sportswear fans. Select the perfect pair among these sneakers with bright colors, embroidered details and wedge soles in total harmony with the codes of urban fashion 2.0.