Those who diligently follow fashion trends know that Crocs are plastic clogs with a lot of potential. One of the most divisive pairs of shoes in street fashion history, Crocs are now a must have in our spring and summer wardrobes. Comfortable, light and easy to put on, the American brand's shoes manage to be effortlessly cool.

Stand out with a pair of Crocs on your feet

When Crocs was born in 2002, it was first and foremost to provide shoes for lovers of nautical and seaside activities. The unique design of Crocs shoes also suggests outdoor use, on the beach or at sea. Designed from a plastic material, ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, pairs of Crocs promise a perfect balance between lightness , flexibility, robustness, ergonomics and ease of maintenance. If the Crocs have been able to prove themselves, so much so that they are now worn for all daily activities, they have long questioned, surprised, amazed. They have even acquired the label of “ugly shoes”, thanks or because of an aesthetic sometimes considered coarse. No offense to some, the Crocs have however conquered many personalities, including big names in fashion. Balenciaga, Post Malone and Vladimir Cauchemar are all brands and artists who have collaborated with Crocs and made crocodile-logo shoes a must-have fashion accessory. By the way, why are there holes in Crocs shoes? The few perforations that adorn the plastic clogs work in the service of our hygiene since they ensure ventilation and the evacuation of humidity. In terms of style, they offer the possibility of customizing your pair with charms and other colorful charms. In short, the Crocs seduce by their relaxation and their assumed and assertive non-conformism. You just have to slip your feet into it to feel comfortable, in tune with yourself.

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Crocs has been able to evolve over the decades and prove its capacity for innovation by designing plastic clogs with an almost futuristic style. It is precisely the contrast between the characteristic simplicity of Crocs shoes and the avant-garde aesthetic details of the latest models that we like so much. Take for example the Crocs Echo Clog, whose silhouette seems to mimic the scales of marine life. Take also the Croc All-Terrain Atlas Clog, whose colors recall various natural elements. With or without strap, closed or not at the heel, with or without magnetic closure, Crocs shoes adapt to all our movements, urban and not only. Their design invites you to live new adventures and constantly push your limits. If the practicality of Crocs is part of their charm, then the shoes of the American brand are definitely charismatic. They symbolize a real bias: adopting a pair of Crocs in the street is making a bold choice to better appropriate and divert the codes of streetwear 2.0.