Topologie accessories are in the spotlight at Milk. Specially designed for thrill-seekers and other adrenaline junkies, these unparalleled objects reveal their technical expertise down to the smallest details of their design. Live all your adventures to the fullest with these accessories with tested and approved performance.

Topology, a declaration of love for functionality and design

Since 2018, Topologie has been inspired by the world of climbing to create foolproof accessories. Launched in 2018 by Carlos Granon, a Frenchman passionate about climbing, the label now appeals to all urban explorers looking for reliable and practical accessories to go on an adventure in the best conditions. Synonymous with quality, safety and solidity, climbing equipment symbolizes the perfect blend of form and function. Each object brilliantly fulfills the function for which it was designed and provides a precise and concrete solution to a specific situation. Following the same principles, Topologie accessories are characterized by a unique design, meeting all our requirements. The story of Topologie thus begins with the creation of the “Yosemite” bracelet, a true precision jewel which takes up the technical characteristics of the rope and pulleys in a miniature version. It continues with the design of bags in a thousand and one formats, which therefore meet all the needs of contemporary sportsmen and adventurers. An outdoor brand par excellence, Topologie's mission is to make accessible items intended for hiking, trekking, trail running and, of course, climbing. It also proves that it is possible to rhyme “technical” and “aesthetic”, with accessories whose minimalism clearly convinces fans of outerwear with streetwear influences and uses.

Focus on exceptional accessories for your urban adventures through our Topology selection

At Milk, each Topologie accessory perfectly embodies the perfection of the blue-white-red label's creations. The “the strap”, “the case” and “the bag” collections are ideally represented on our e-shop, with models of lanyards, phone cases and bags with a refined style. The Topologie lanyards have established themselves as the preferred partners of adventurers keen to optimize their freedom of movement on a daily basis. Carefully designed and created to more easily hold bags and phones, these accessories are sure to be part of our wanderings in the great outdoors. They also perfectly complement the sharp outfits of urban fashion specialists, thereby revealing their excellent versatility. Use them in pairs with a Topologie bag for a 100% designer look. From the “Bottle Bag” to carry a water bottle and our everyday essentials to the light and compact “Phone Bag” into which all smartphones fit without exception, each Topologie bag is a highly functional object that satisfies a targeted need. As for the phone cases developed by the French brand, they protect our phones from all dangers. Guaranteed to be ultra robust, these products from Topologie can be used with complete confidence to effectively protect your smartphone in the event of shocks or falls. In short, invest in Topology-style quality to benefit from the best accessories on the market.