Who has never worn a pair of Converse until wear as a teenager? Timeless and unbeatable in the hearts of many sneaker addicts and other sneaker purists, the Converse are definitely THE shoes to have in your wardrobe. With an increasingly sophisticated design, the latest models designed by the American giant are winning over even fans of futuristic-inspired sneakers. Converse is also about casual clothes that are easy to put on and accessorize on a daily basis. Discover our fine selection of Converse sneakers, clothing and accessories, enough to imagine 100% starred looks.

Converse, legendary sneakers with sporting ambitions

For Converse, it all started in 1908 in the US state of Massachusetts. The founder of the brand, Marquis Mills Converse of his name, first designs models of boots with a non-slip rubber sole, before infiltrating the world of basketball. In 1917, it was the birth of the iconic All Star that allowed Converse to have a first foot in the world of sports shoes. Designed especially for basketball players, the Converse All Star comes with a reworked design from 1932 and becomes the Chuck Taylor All Star. It owes its modernization precisely to the basketball player Chuck Taylor, who gave the opportunity to the rising basketball star logo to make its appearance at the Olympic Games in the 1980s. Even Michael Jordan, who began collaborating a few years later with Nike, a direct competitor of Converse, appeared at the time with a pair of All Star on his feet. Before him, names from the American music scene and seventh art have already appropriated Converse. The story goes that Mick Jagger even got married with a pair of Chuck Taylor All Star on his feet, proof that the brand's sneakers also have their place in an urban context. Converse now juggles sportswear origins with a clearly asserted streetwear identity. Between sneakers, clothing and accessories, Converse is inventive in renewing its catalog of products in line with the codes of urban fashion.

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