With Timberland, the outdoors becomes a huge playground. Milk makes you (re)discover the famous tree brand and offers you pairs that are completely in line with your nomadic, explorer or even adventurer lifestyle. With unfailing comfort, Timberland shoes will give you unparalleled experiences in the city and in the great outdoors.

Go on an adventure with a pair of Timberland shoes on your feet

At Timberland, know-how is more than just a marketing argument. It all started with Nathan Swartz, future creator of the brand, who began his career as an apprentice shoemaker in Boston in 1918. 34 years later, he bought 50% of the shares in the Abington Shoe Company, then 100% in 1955. He worked there with his sons, with whom he notably invented injection molding, a manufacturing process which allows them to design 100% waterproof boots. In 1973, the Swartz family created The Original Yellow Boot, the very first Timberland shoe. Now known as the Timberland 6-Inch Boot, this massive ankle boot perfectly embodies the DNA of the tree-loving brand. Both resistant to outdoor conditions and in line with the aesthetic codes of urban fashion, this Timberland shoe in full-grain nubuck leather is an ideal road companion for moving with ease and confidence on a daily basis. Also associated with the hip-hop movement in the 1990s, it reveals its versatility and its ability to adapt to the most varied terrains. From the 1980s, Timberland diversified its product range with models of boat shoes for the city and sports shoes for trail running and hiking. Playing the diversity card, the North American brand is also launching clothing and accessories for consumers looking for comfort and authenticity. With increasingly strong ecological commitments and the regular opening of stores around the world, Timberland now manages to convince all generations and all walks of life. The Milk team is also won over: take a look at our Timberland shoe references to see it.

Shop your Authentic, your 6-Inch Boots and other iconic Timberland shoes through the Milk catalog

On our e-shop, Timberland shoes are aimed at everyone looking for a comfortable pair for walking, running, exploring. The essential 6-Inch Boots are of course part of our selection, alongside the no less classic Authentic boat shoes. With their leather upper and notched sole, the Timberland Authentic goes well with all casual and formal men's street outfits, for a minimalist style that meets all requirements. Want to push your physical limits? Instead, opt for Timberland shoes like the Euro Hiker and the Field Trekker Mild, high-top sneakers specially designed for outdoor sports use. A fan of streetwear trends? Then opt for a pair of GreenStride Motion 6 in fabric, the UFO shoes from the Timberland catalog. Halfway between sneakers and clogs, they promise you maximum comfort on the asphalt. Need advice from our shoe experts? Come to our physical stores in Nantes and La Baule to try on your future favorite pair of Timberland.