Converse Chuck Taylor 70

In the great family of Converse sneakers, the Chuck 70 manages to combine retro inspiration and modern design. At Milk, it is available in several versions and colors, to the delight of Converse collectors and other followers of the iconic brand with the starry logo.

The Chuck 70's homage to Seventies Converse

The Converse Chuck 70 is particularly aptly named. She is first of all one of the worthy heirs of the Chuck Taylor All Star, which is itself a 2.0 version of the Converse All Star. Chronologically, what does it give? The iconic All Star was born in 1917, less than 10 years after the creation of Converse. It offers the possibility for the American brand to start targeting athletes, since it is specially designed for the practice of basketball. As early as 1932, the American basketball player Chuck Taylor collaborated with Converse and modernized the pairs of All Star, so much so that the Converse All Star became the Chuck Taylor All Star. It takes a leap in time for the Converse Chuck 70 to appear in 2013. In the 1970s, the Chuck Taylor All Star appeared on the feet of a large number of basketball players, in the United States and internationally, and established itself as one of the best basketball shoes of all. time. With a heavy fabric, a thick midsole or a soft insole, the Converse Chuck 70 brilliantly takes up the codes of the Converse pairs of the time, while adapting perfectly to streetwear use. Low or high, the Chuck 70 is recognizable among all thanks to the black patch which dresses its heel and which gives it a vintage look of the most beautiful effect. What we love about the Converse Chuck 70 is precisely this harmony between classic details and modern improvements. With an optimal level of comfort and an efficient design, it clearly has everything to become an essential model in our wardrobes, to be worn all year round.

Shop your future pair of Converse Chuck 70 at Milk

Converse has our backs by designing Chuck 70 models suitable for all seasons. From the Chuck 70 Quilted, covered in quilted polyester and a faux fur lining to keep your feet warm in winter, to the Chuck 70 Mule Slip with an open heel that slips on in the blink of an eye upon arrival sunny days, Converse proves that the Chuck 70 is a chameleon shoe. Between corduroy patchwork patterns for the pairs of the “Beyond Retro” capsule collection, all-terrain style for the models of the “Gore-Tex Hi” range and asymmetrical and unstructured lines for the sneakers of the “Plus Hi” collection, the Converse Chuck 70 knows how to impress. Limited-edition collaborations with brands affiliated with streetwear culture, such as Stüssy and Patta, have also allowed the Chuck 70 to reveal its full potential. If Converse are the shoes of our adolescence, they will probably also be those of our future.