New Balance 9060

It's a fact: the New Balance 9060 combines retro inspiration and futuristic design to perfection, for a return to the future at the forefront of trends specific to urban fashion 2.0. The Milk team presents its fine selection of NB 9060, sneakers with a maximalist silhouette and minimalist artistic direction, to choose from to assert your presence and impose your style on the streets of the city.

Let yourself be convinced by the avant-gardism of the New Balance 9060

Since 1906, the Boston sports equipment manufacturer has redoubled its creativity to design products that stand out from the crowd. This is the case of the New Balance 9060 released for the first time in 2022 and designed by designers James Lee and Yue Wu. Belonging to the famous 99X series, the New Balance 9060 is first characterized by a recognizable style, which takes up the aesthetic codes which delimit the DNA of the American brand. On the contrary, it stands out with a slight touch of futurism, visible in particular through its shape and its XXL format, which is in line with “chunky sneakers”, to the delight of fans of retro-futuristic fashion. Upon its release, the New Balance 9060 quickly established itself as one of the flagship models of the highly successful manufacturer. Collaborations with American artistic director Joe Freshgoods and streetwear brands Bodega and Bricks & Wood have allowed the NB 9060 to make a name for itself among the thousand and one essential references in the New Balance catalog. Between wedge soles and wavy lines, the New Balance 9060 then boasts a dynamic aesthetic, in perfect harmony with the desires and requirements of those who are always on the move and who value comfort and comfort as much as possible. style when they go on adventures.

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The New Balance 9060 is now available in multiple colors, enough to satisfy fans of New Balance sneakers and other fans of colorful sneakers. Green, gray, yellow, pink, white, brown, blue: the most varied shades are available on the NB 9060 and offer the possibility for this shoe, halfway between streetwear and sportswear, to combine with all our outfits. year round, from spring to winter. Ultra versatile, like all the pairs designed by the American giant, the New Balance 9060 is also aimed at athletes looking for support, stability and performance. With its mesh upper and suede overlays, this sneaker with great ambitions is indeed defined by foolproof solidity, in line with the expectations of athletes and urban explorers. Experience exceptional moments and easily gain height with a pair of New Balance 9060 on your feet. Choose your favorite plain, two-tone or three-color model from our e-shop or go to the Milk boutique of your choice in La Baule or Nantes to try on what will certainly become your new safe bet at New Balance.