New Balance 550

Originally intended for basketball courts, the New Balance 550 is now part of all our streetwear outfits. Comfortable and aesthetic, like all New Balance pairs, the NB 550 has that little retro side that appeals to all fans – and those nostalgic – of 90s fashion. Discover now our fine selection of subtly colored New Balance 550s, between flamboyant red and pastel pink.

The New Balance 550: from commercial failure to dazzling success

New Balance marketed the first New Balance 550 in 1989, in a context of strong competition and the rise of basketball as a professional sports discipline. If the brand has succeeded in making a name for itself in the footwear industry, with models of sneakers intended for running, baseball, tennis or even boxing, it must compete with manufacturers such as Nike and Converse, which also have the noble ambition of providing footwear for the greatest athletes. Designed for basketball players, the New Balance 550 struggled to stand out when it was released, especially against the Air Jordan which formalized the close collaboration between Nike and Mickael Jordan, who joined the NBA in 1984. It was not until the revival of the NB 550 that it became, like any self-respecting pair of New Balance, a model that all disciples of streetwear culture snapped up. In 2020, the New Balance 550 gets a makeover, to the delight of sneaker collectors and other fans of the Boston brand's creations. We owe the revival of the NB 550 to Teddy Santis, the creator of the famous label Aimé Léon Dore, who draws much of his inspiration from the worlds of basketball and retro hip-hop. Many pairs of New Balance have passed through the expert hands of the New York-based designer, who notably redesigned the New Balance 827, 850, 990, 997 and 1300 according to current aesthetic codes. Reinvented, the New Balance 550 is gaining popularity to become a staple in the New Balance range.

The New Balance 550: a sneaker with a retro look, between style and comfort

At Milk, the New Balance 550 is available in bi, tri or multicolored versions to add a little color to our spring and autumn outfits. With its aesthetic details, including its subtle touches of color, the NB 550 takes up the emblematic codes of New Balance sneakers, as close as possible to the brand's fashion DNA. Its retro silhouette is part of a larger trend: the return to center stage of the clothing style of the 90s, between oversized clothing, such as baggy pants and XXL hoodies, and massive sneakers. Bordeaux, royal blue, sky blue, emerald green, sepia: the color code of the New Balance 550 is varied, something to please the greatest number. From the timeless and immaculate 550 WWW ‘Triple White’ to the bold and colorful BB 550, the New Balance 550 reveals its many facets through our online shop. En savoir plus sur ce texte sourceVous devez indiquer le texte source pour obtenir des informations supplémentaires Envoyer des commentaires Panneaux latéraux