The best references are available through our extensive online catalog. In particular, find our fine selection of Adidas Originals shoes and clothing, to be worn on sports fields as well as on the asphalt every day. Reliable and durable, the models chosen by the Milk team promise you real comfort of use in all circumstances, enough to live all your sporting and urban adventures to the fullest.

Adidas Originals, the iconic brand with the 3 stripes, is at Milk

Since 1949, the German firm Adidas has definitely proven its capacity for innovation and its limitless creativity to athletes and streetwear fashion fans around the world. With Adidas Originals, the sports equipment manufacturer returns to its roots and puts vintage in the spotlight, in accordance with the aesthetic codes that influence current trends. Created in 1993, the Adidas Originals division also uses an old Adidas logo, the famous trefoil logo used from 1972 to 1990 for all the German giant's collections. This choice of visual identity then allows clothing, shoes and accessories branded Originals to easily stand out within the vast Adidas catalog. This is for example the case of the essential Gazelle, Stan Smith and Superstar, sneakers which make the reputation of Adidas Originals as much as of the Adidas company itself. The Adidas Originals range specializes in the reissue of the biggest best-sellers from the 3-stripe brand. Released between the 1950s and 1980s, these now iconic products are brought up to date by Adidas Originals, while maintaining a retro-inspired look that is resolutely attractive for contemporary consumers. A symbol of authenticity and timelessness, creations by Adidas Originals are a fixture in the wardrobes of sneaker collectors and fans of casual and urban fashion like Adidas.

Discover the Adidas Originals gems selected by our team

With Milk, go and (re)discover Adidas sneakers as timeless as the Superstar, the Gazelle, the Samba and the Stan Smith. These classic pairs are available in several colors on our e-shop, in accordance with the greatest number of clothing styles. Choose them as a basic in your wardrobe, to wear to go to work, go to class or simply walk around town. Looking for sportswear sneakers to exceed your limits and constantly improve your performance? Succumb to the excellence of the Adidas Originals Niteball, Hypertuf Adventure or Ultra 4D, to wear for all your running sessions. Highly technological, these sports shoes will undoubtedly offer you the best of Adidas quality in every workout. Finally, choose Adidas slides for your moments of relaxation at home or on vacation. Adilette open shoes and their polyurethane or natural cork soles will guarantee your freedom of movement and ease and will bring style and relaxation to your feet. There’s a pair of Adidas Originals for every need at Milk! Also find pieces from unique capsule collections such as Adidas x Blondey. Socks, sportswear, fashion accessories: complete your Adidas Originals collection with these ultra stylish creations available in limited edition on our site and in store. Discover our models: Adidas Spezial