Nike Air Presto "Origins"

Nike Air Presto "Origins"


The Nike Air Presto was launched in 2000, originally in 13 different colorways, and each received a short animated promotional TV spot. Each ad would end with a photo of the shoe and its displayed and spoken nickname, along with an ID number out of 13. The original ads played a huge role in propelling the Presto into the mainstream, becoming one of the most popular running shoes. of his generation.

As for the shoes themselves, there were 13 nicknames for each colorway: Brutal Honey, Trouble at Home, Unholy Cumulus, Shady Milkman, Rabid Panda, Orange Monk, Jack Mackerel, Migraine Fly, Presto Bill, Catfight Shiner, Rogue Kielbasas, Abdominal Snowman, and a last thirteenth color that has remained unnamed.

The Nike Air Presto “Origins” uses the visuals associated with the thirteen nicknames. In fact, the upper is an all-over print of all the logos of the different nicknames.

This pair is part of the Nike Holiday 2020 collection and is available at Milk in store and online !


-color: Mulit-color / Black / white.

-Sku: CJ1229-900

-Price: 130 €

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